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Meet Joanne Marcelo

Meet Joanne Marcelo!  She is a health and wellness advocate and has a thriving Mindfulness Coaching business called Space and Stillness.

Joanne has been kind enough to share some of her thoughts on what manifestation means to her, her life as a coach and what her future holds.


1) Do you believe in manifestation and  why?

Absolutely! It really works! Manifestation is so powerful just by our thoughts and visions alone and being able to create from a space of gratitude, love, imagination and abundance is incredible. Once we are able to let go of the limiting beliefs and get out of our own way, the Universe works faster in making things happen. There is no limit to what you can manifest and attract in your life.

2)  How did Space And Stillness begin? 

Well I was actually meditating out by the lake when I came up with the name! So it is everything I advocate for. Space & Stillness is exactly that. It is a moment to be in touch with your own body, be still and calm, hold space for yourself, see your problems more clearly, and respond in a more discerning way rather than reacting with high emotions.

3) Where do you see yourself and Space and Stillness in 5 years?

I see myself in a leadership role. I have created my own practice in mindfulness, meditation and holistic health coaching by empowering others to lead with their heart, rediscover their space find stillness in this noisy world. Space & Stillness is flourishing! I am happy, abundant, at ease and excited to just be making an impact in my community. 


You can reach Joanne on Instagram at @spaceandstillness_.