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Meet Katrina Santiago

Meet Katrina Santiago! She is a wife, a mom of 5 kids and my amazing @beachbody coach.  Basically Super Woman.

I'm thankful that Katrina has been kind enough to share some of her thoughts on what manifestation means to her, her life as a coach and what her future holds.

Do you believe in manifestation and why?

Manifestation is something I had read about years ago but only started actively focusing on in the last year. I believe that we truly can do anything we put our minds and energy to. I also believe our thoughts and dreams that point to our purpose are gifts we’re given, placed in our care to bring to life. So, only we can manifest our own gifts in the best way! When we realize this, we can choose how we focus on them and work at them to make them reality. For me, that’s the fun part! There are so many ways to manifest our aspirations. I like to keep a manifestation journal and write in it every morning to keep my goals top-of-mind, and work towards them a bit every day. It helps to be reminded regularly of what I want, how I want to achieve it, and then look back after I’ve manifested that goal, and see all the parts, including my journal entries, that brought it to life.


What made you want to be a Beachbody coach?

I decided to become a coach for a few reasons. When I first signed up with Beachbody as a customer ages ago, I saw how their programs and products helped change people’s lives. My own transformation was more mental than physical, and that’s what I needed help with most. I had been struggling with anxiety, which at the time was something completely foreign to me, and I knew that when I was active, it really helped my mental state. Being active regularly, having accountability to a group, and learning how to take charge of my health became top priorities for me, and I wanted to be able to help others do the same. So, when I learned about the coaching opportunity, I couldn’t say no! Our health, as so many of us have learned more than ever in the last year, has become something we can’t take for granted. So, being able to coach others in their health journeys, not just to lose weight or fit in those clothes, but to truly attain a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way, has been my goal as a coach. I can’t explain the joy I feel when I hear a client tell me about their big victories (because they’re ALL big!) and how they plan to maintain those behaviours for life!


I also decided to become a coach because I saw the freedoms that came with it. The possibility of being able to be my own boss, grow a business from the ground up in my own way, and serve others using my own experience and education, was so appealing to me. I love that I can do this with a team of other business owners and coaches, and constantly learn and exchange knowledge within that community. And the community is always growing. I’ve made so many great friends along the way and grown in so many ways, which really, were bi-products of doing what I love.  


Where do you see yourself and your coaching career in 5 years?

When I look into the future, I see myself as still coaching others, but also acting as a mentor to a team of coaches. While I love coaching my existing and new clients, I know that there are others out there who have different stories to share, whether through their experience or education, who could help others who need coaching; and I would love to help them get there. I am grateful for those who resonate with my story and so are connected to me, but I also know that there are those who don’t. And that’s ok! I know there are coaches out there for them! I’m hopeful that there are people who are willing to step up and share their journeys to also help others along to better health by becoming coaches themselves. I’d love to help these people share their story, inspire others and actually make a living out of it!

I’m also just excited to see how this will further change my life. Coaching has grown and changed me in so many positive ways, and that has spilled onto my marriage, family life, and my overall wellbeing.


You can reach Katrina on Instagram at @katrinasantiago.coach