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Meet Pearlie Cada!  Pearlie is a Toronto based Photographer and has been in the photography business for the last 9 years.  Her company, PSC Photography, has been booming with families wanting portraits to capture special occasions and is now expanding to food photography for small businesses.

I'm so happy that Pearlie is sharing her thoughts and insights of her life, her business, her core beliefs and plans for the future. 



Yes, I believe in manifestation 100%, especially when that inner voice keeps telling you to pursue that thing that's been on your mind. To me, manifestation is when you dream of a life you've always pictured, or a goal you're trying to reach, and that goal/dream hasn't gone away, you know it's time to do something about it. A few years ago when I lived in California, I listened to a speaker named Dr. Arlene Taylor, a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with an emphasis on brain function. In her two-day seminar, she spoke about how the brain works and applying that understanding to how our personalities, and the things we do are shaped. One of the takeaways from listening to her was that there is less energy exerted when you enjoy doing a certain activity. Conversely, the brain exerts more energy on things we don't enjoy, which then takes a toll on the body. This explains why I love honing my photography skills instead of learning about fixed income derivatives! Manifesting my goal of continuously improving myself and being a better photographer has always been a goal of mine.



I've always had a passion and eye for photography. It started when I was the yearbook photographer in high school. I was given a press pass that made me feel cool for all the events I had to photograph! Years later, I purchased a point and shoot camera and started taking pictures, mainly travel pictures since I was travelling at the time. I took my first trip to Europe and was amazed at a sunrise photo I took on the plane. Since then photography was just a hobby. Fast forward to living in California in 2012, I developed my photography skills even further. When I first moved, not knowing anyone there, I began exploring the San Francisco Bay Area and took pictures of all the places I visited. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the surrounding beaches, my love for photography grew. Then I started taking pictures of friends during special occasions. Often, people would tell me, "Your photos are amazing. You should do this professionally...start a business someday." After talking to several friends who, like me, were growing weary of corporate life, tired of the office politics, we talked about what life would be like if we pursued our true passions. Several discussions later, remembering Dr. Taylor's seminar, experiencing work stress to the point where I took a stress leave (and being diagnosed with prehypertension) and reflecting on my true love for photography, PSC Photography was born. 


Learning how much energy it takes working in the corporate world, how I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to, photography increasingly became my creative outlet. I'm so thankful for this gift and talent. Over the years, I took the time to manifest my skills, along with reading and learning from others. When I did my first paid photoshoot for a family, they were so happy. It was then that I knew - this is it. This is no longer a hobby, this is what I want to do going forward. Not just to take pictures; but to bring joy to my clients when they see themselves in photos, followed by a story about the photo, a story to tell for years to come. It was me that helped bring them that joy, hence the name "Focused on you" as my tagline (mind the photo pun :) )



Looking ahead, I still see myself taking photos, maybe add a partner photographer(s) with an increase in clientele. In the last year, I also got into food photography, doing work for a restaurant in Vaughan (health and safety protocols were followed!), and did some photo editing for a few clients as well. Recently, I did a shoot for a dessert/wedding cake baker who was also a contestant on Food Network twice (US and Canada) for baking competitions. I hope to see my business expand, not just through portrait sessions, perhaps add other services such as photo editing, and offering food/product photography. Like everything else, it'll be a work in progress. 

"What separates entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, and scientists who keep inventing? They keep reinventing themselves. They're not afraid to experiment: tackle a new problem, try a new skill, take on a new collaborator, work in a new culture." - Adam Grant


 You can reach Pearlie at @focused_on_you19 on Instagram.